~Steve Alexander, Photographer

Over 7,000 crop circles have been recorded in over 60 countries during the last 20 years. Central southern England remains a global ‘hot spot’ for crop circles which tend to occur near ancient sacred sites. Crop Circles usually appear overnight, in the few short hours of darkness in the summer months. Most are completely perfect at first-light with no flaws in their designs!

Temporary Temples

~Karen Alexander, Researcher & Author

So as you look at these images, and wonder where they came from, how they were done, and what they might mean, don’t grasp for the obvious. Instead, sit with the mystery, think deeply and let the images bypass your rational mind and work their magic on you.

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~The Universal Healer

Is there more to reality than we can currently see? A cursory glance over the rich legacy of legend and myth held by our world’s many cultures suggests there is far more to reality than we currently acknowledge in our minds and hearts. Crop circles are modern ‘signs and wonders’, symbols and guides as our understanding of the world around us deepens. These astonishing images are powerful tools for healing and transformation. Crop circle images raise the energy, frequency and vibration of everything around them.

Crop Circle Gallery

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